About us

My name is Denise Vance creator and designer for MK Jewels. I live in Indiana, a state where you can sing in the rain, bathe in the sun, and build snowmen in the same week. Indiana is known for the greatest spectacle in racing The Indianapolis 500.

I have always been a creative person, my love for making jewelry started in 2005 making jewelry for family and friends.  When I started making jewelry I didn't know that it would soon grow to be therapeutic for me and become my passion. The inspiration behind my name is my granddaughters Marisa and Kendra and they are the Jewels of my life.

MK JEWELS offers a truly unique collection of Handcrafted Jewelry which is handcrafted by my own hands and designed from the heart.  We consistently strive to maintain a high level of quality and craftsmanship in every piece of jewelry we design whether it be a necklace, bracelet or earrings. MK Jewels recognizes the importance of individuality and that is why most all of our creations are one of a kind. 

 MK Jewels

Unique, Heartfelt, Handcrafted